Did You Know: Creepy Crawlers

Did You Know: Creepy Crawlers

Daring Jumping Spider

Daring Jumping Spider © Ken Meyer

  • Did you know that jumping spiders can propel themselves for distances up to 50 times their body length! Mix this with their 360-degree viewing ability with eyes on the backs of their heads and you have one spider that you don’t want to mess with!
  • The Australian funnel-web spider is infamous for its venom that can kill a person in less than an hour and for its sharp fangs that can bite through a shoe!
Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Spider Male, and female © James H. Robinsons

  • Did you know that when spiders are born, they have almost no coloring making them nearly invisible? You better keep your eyes peeled for these creepy crawlers!
  • Did you know that bats have colonized nearly every type of ecosystem on earth, taking residency on all continents except Antarctica?
  • The biggest single gathering of bats in the world is in San Antonio, Texas, where 20-40 million Mexican free-tailed bats pour out of Bracken Cave each night in search of food!
Hairy-legged Vampire Bat

Hairy-legged Vampire Bat

  • Did you know that some bats, including the vampire bat, really do feast on the blood of animals, including humans!
  • Scientists have found an almost perfectly preserved spider fossil in China dating back to the middle Jurassic era, 165 million years ago. The fossilized spiders, Eoplectreurys gertschi, are older than the only two other specimens known by around 120 million years.
Brown Recluse Spider

Brown Recluse Spider © Steven J. Prchal

  • Out of 34,000 species of spiders in this world, only 27 have the power to kill a human with their venom.

Japanese Giant Hornet

  • Whatever you do, avoid contact with a Japanese Giant Hornet. This hornet is the size of your thumb and sprays flesh-melting poison which also acts as a pheromone to attract other hornets from the hive to come and sting you until you are no longer alive.
  • Colonies of soldier ants, which can be up to one million strong, are infamous for dismantling anything living that crosses their path, regardless of its size; they have even been known to take down horses in the Amazon Basin.

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  1. John Snell says:

    My guess is “solider ants” should be “soldier ants.”