Yard List Hits 100!

Nashville Warbler Birds

Nashville Warbler by Josh Haas

After expanding our property last year with the acquisition of more land I could hardly wait for spring 2012 to come so we could hit our trail and target the new areas that would likely bring more yard birds to check off the list. At the end of last year we were at 94. Within the last three weeks, we’ve added six birds. Amazing! Also with those six birds came 100.

So what is a yard list? Well for any enthusiast into birds, mammals, reptiles, etc. a yard list is a running tally to keep track of any of those things you see from or in your yard. You can create multiple lists and have your own rules because they are your lists. For instance, the rule we have for our yard bird list is that we have to physically be on our property when we see or hear the bird. The bird can for instance be flying or perched outside our property lines but as long as we are on the property and the bird can be unmistakably identified, it counts. This is a fun way to keep track of the different things seen on your property and also makes time at home more fun. The last few birds that made our list were great migrants like the Prothonotary Warbler, Lincoln’s Sparrow, and Hooded Merganser. A great feature in the Audubon app is listing. I keep our yard list up to date in the app on my iPhone and then Sync my content to my FREE account on the www.audubonguides.com website.

What bird made our 100? Our 100th bird was the Nashville Warbler. I’ve been walking our trail for the past few weeks as migration has really turned on hoping for mornings or evenings where birds have fallen in. The funny thing about the Nashville Warbler yesterday was that I wasn’t even out of the house yet. I awoke to him calling right outside our window! It’s always a good morning when I awake to nature instead of the Marimba on my iPhone. =) I love how the 100th bird came but a part of me was hoping it’d be on the trail with my family. Having said that, maybe during our family walk tonight, 101 will be added to the list! I wonder what it will be…

To hear the sound of a Nashville Warbler, click HERE

Josh Haas

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One Response to “Yard List Hits 100!”

  1. Christine Bastian says:

    This sounds very fun. My neighbors have trees. I don’t. I have one on my “yard list” a Starling! Time to get cracking.